Greek JackIt’s around 1200BC The Trojan War has been raging for 10 years and is about to come to an end. How have the main characters fared? Was Paris a capital soldier? Is Helen still beautiful? How is Achilles’ heel? For the great soldier Odysseus the end of the war marks the beginning of a new 10 year adventure as he sets sail for Ithaca and home… but things don’t quite go according to plan!

Odysseus and his men are beset by monsters and befuddled by Gods on their journey across the seas and only the children, with a bit of help from the actors, can see them safely home.

Participation in this piece of comedy story theatre will enable the children to explore what life was like in the ancient Greek empire as defined in History Unit 14. Issues from Citizenship Unit 5, ‘Living in a Diverse World’ are also addressed. Other areas of the curriculum covered in the performance and in the Teacher's Pack include geography, ICT, literacy, art & design and personal, social and health education.

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