The Vicious VikingsWelcome to the world of Val and Halla and their loony longboat legends. These two crazy characters attempt to tell the story of how Viking influence grew and spread throughout the world and how they eventually came to settle in England… but they can’t do it without plenty of help from the audience.

By participating in this live show the children will explore the life and times of the Viking people; they will become the heroes and villains of Viking history with no rehearsal or preparation necessary.

Issues raised in History Unit 6, ‘Why have people invaded and settled in Britain in the past?’, History Unit 18 ‘What was it like to live here in the past?’ and Citizenship Unit 5, ‘Living in a Diverse World’ are explored in a highly enjoyable and creative way. Other areas of the curriculum covered by the performance, workshop and in the Teacher’s Pack are geography, ICT, literacy, art & design and personal, social and health education.

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