Kids performing in Scrooge's Victorian ChristmasChristmas is a time for ghost stories and what better ghost story at Christmas than Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’? Witness Scrooge’s increasing dismay as the old skinflint is visited by a series of strange spirits on Christmas Eve. Will their hauntings have the desired effect and transform Scrooge into a kindly benefactor? Not without the help of the children and actors.

In this magical and comic adaptation of Dickens’ classic story the children become the heroes, villains and ghosts with no rehearsal or preparation necessary. By participating in the show they will explore the life and times of the Victorian era as outlined in History Unit 11 of the National Curriculum standards. Other areas of the curriculum covered by the performance and in the Teacher’s Pack include geography, numeracy, literacy, art & design and personal, social and health education.

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